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With over 800 hectares of vine, Québec’s wine industry is an emerging success story in Canada. Grapes have been cultivated in the province for centuries, but it’s only in the past two decades that the wine industry has really taken off. Québec’s cool–and at times severe climate–poses a challenge to viticulturalists, but has not prevented the industry from thriving.

The province has five main growing areas: Eastern Townships, Montérégie, Ouest-du-Québec, Est-du-Québec and Centre-du-Québec. Due to the severe winters, Québec grape growers have focused on cold hardy hybrids suitable to the climate, although plantings of vinifera are increasing.

Québec is also known for its cider production and the Artisan Cider Producers of Québec Association was formed in 1992 to promote this young industry. The first apple orchard grew on Mount Roay in Montréal, though cider production was banned between 1921 and 1970 as it was not included in the legislation of permitted alcoholic beverages.


Permission to produce cider was granted again in 1998 and since then the industry has taken off, with the first ice cider prodcuts also showing promising growth.







Cold hardy varieties such as Frontenac noir, Seyval blanc,Vidal, Marquette, Frontenac gris, Maréchal Foch, Frontenac blanc

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